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English-speaking Life coaches
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AVGS Coaching


Job Coaching


Job Coaching – Gründungszuschuss

AVGS Coaching paid by the Arbeitsagentur or Jobcenter Berlin Steglitz – Life coaches

Your purpose

Life coaching You know your strengths and you know which energy is good for you. With our modules, you will find your calling. In our blog, you will find suggestions and more about our work.

Knowledge – Idea – Resource

What do you want to achieve and by when? Have you pursued your goals so far and celebrated successes? Are you proud? What gives you energy? Life coaching means to connect your sense with your idea

Flexible Kurse, Trainings, Einzelcoachings

As you want and as you need it. Choose for yourself what is good for you.

What funding opportunities are available?

With an AVGS voucher from the job center or the employment agency, you can get free one-on-one coaching. W.we support you with the application.

Business Plan – Life coaches

Life coaches help you find your belief systems and create supportive beliefs. Your idea should enrich your universe, complement your life.

Clear offer

Describe your service so that you can sell it in 60 seconds. Provide a solution to the problems of your customers.

Who are your clients?

Ask your customers what they need. Determine how you can support them. What connects you?

What do you want to achieve/change?

Your idea is successful because… You are enthusiastic because….. You change the lives of your customers, because…….

How do you finance your idea?

You need a business and financial plan? A business plan is more than just a document for the banker’s table. It is your controlling tool, your action plan, your implementation roadmap, your success map…

Find yourself

Job coaching with Life

Your resources

What inspires you?
What has inspired you in the past about what you do?


When are you happy? What else can you do?
You want to finally start again with a jump out of bed?

Your Goal

You are dissatisfied, but not yet ready for a job change?
You find it difficult to motivate yourself every day to do your current job? But you still have no idea how things can get better?


We show you the way to find your competencies and use them optimally for you.

Life coaching and Training

Connect with your idea

Whenever you start a business or take over and develop an existing business,

it’s a good idea to identify what values you want to live by.

Many companies believe that great products don’t need marketing at all. 

The misconception is that “our product is so amazing that it sells itself.”

That may be true, but there’s just one problem here.

No matter how cool, powerful or unique the product or service is, but the world can’t

buy it if they don’t know it exists.

People buy what they want, not what they need. What gets better after your customers have your offer?

We develop your values and the connection to your idea with you


How do you describe your customers? What does she love? What is her biggest problem? What makes her happy? What is their heart’s desire? Find your niche with us. Find the connection to your customers and bring them to life.


Be you and be as you are. Everything you love and why you love it is important. Your style, your purpose and your why determine your success. Live how you want and be who you want. There is nothing people live more than a connection to another person.


Is the feeling of having arrived, being and living happily. Marketing means being you and showing that to everyone. What inspires you about other companies? Who do you follow why?



SEO = search engine optimization = Search engine optimization But what is it and how does it work? What do I need to do to describe the images optimally on my website and how? Why do I need videos? Why are backlinks useful and where do I get them?


What connects you with your idea? How do your customers notice that they are on the right track? How do they inform themselves now or do they currently buy? We live to be, but our existence is shaped by old experiences. Being independent also means getting to know yourself new.


See what you can do, live your talent and be proud of what you can do. What role do you want to live as an independent? What roles do you have now and how well do they serve you? What will change when you are self-employed. How do you draw energy for this marathon?

Your life wants to be lived

Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Schild Consulting